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Justin Bieber Hates America

Not kidding. It all stems from his Rolling Stone interview. Listen to this round of Celebrity Buzz for the details.

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You dropped WHAT in the toilet??

It’s the worst sound in the world…the plunk of one of your belongings hits toilet water. What have YOU dropped in the toilet?? Last call is BY FAR the best.

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Should You Teach Your Kids To Fight?

Guys, we could have taken calls on this for HOURS. This was a great debate. Alli says no, Frito isn’t sure, most listeners say yes, most teachers say “Hell NO!” and other people just wanted to know who exactly came up with the idea of MMA for elementary school kids.

Here’s the segment. Let us know what you think.

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What Did You Survive?


We feel like we’re reasonably tough. OK, kinda tough. And while we could survive many things (ok, a few things), a leopard attack ain’t one of them. We found a story of a guy who did just that. He fended the giant cat off with his bike. By the way, even though he was mauled by an apex predator…he STILL MADE IT IN TO WORK THAT DAY. All that is man! We decided to ask what animal attacks you survived. Who knew Moose and Octopus were that dangerous?


This Made Me Cry – Frito

I’m a sucker for open displays of love. This one by President Bush takes the cake. Here he is reading an old love letter to Barbara. If you don’t get choked up, you have no soul.

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