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This is a Stroke on Live TV (Actually, it’s not)


1) Thanks to CBS for pulling down the earlier video. Classy. Found another copy if you missed it.
2) She DIDN’T actually have a stroke!!!!! I’m amazed. This now becomes one of live TV’s all time epic fails. If you bomb so bad you have to be examined by EMT’s that is rock bottom. Christina Aguilera didn’t even get to that level of fail at the Super Bowl.

Here’s a link to the latest: CBS: It wasn’t a stroke

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Johnny McEntee: Freak of Nature

I just saw this, and I might be a little late to the party but DAMN!!!! This video is 5 minutes long. If you have ANY interest in football or just sports in general it is a MUST WATCH!! The football version of Dude Perfect.


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Morning Candy Breakfast Theatre

Frito has thought WAY too hard about this.

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Valentines Day

Valentines Day shopping is 100 PERCENT different from Christmas Shopping. I (Frito) think it’s 1000 TIMES harder to pick out a perfect Valentines Gift than it is to hit big at Christmas. We decided as a public service to ask what it is you want for V Day to hopefully help everyone who STILL hasn’t bought their gifts yet.

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Little Wins

I’ll admit it. My mood SUCKED when I (Frito) got up today. It was cold and I got maybe 20 minutes of uninterupted sleep. That all changed due to lady luck shining down on me. Nothing major, just a couple cool things that put a smile on my face. In honor of the BRUTAL cold we’ve been dealing with recently we decided to find out what “little wins” you all were celebrating. It was a fun conversation and it brightened our day, so we’re posting it here for you to enjoy in case you missed it.

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