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VIDEO: Every Avengers Clip We Could Find in ONE POST!!!

It’s Avengers day people!! If you’re going at midnight tonight or waiting till the weekend, it’s time to get psyched for what’s being called the best Marvel movie yet. Get prepared with all these video clips:

First…the official trailers:

Now here’s a few clips centering around the bad guy Loki who is Thor’s adopted brother who recruits an army from another world to conquer Earth.

Fight scenes anyone??

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VIDEO: Lion Trying SO HARD to Eat a Baby

From the Portland Zoo: Check out this lion trying EVERYTHING IN IT’S POWER to eat this baby. Believe this cat people…if your tabby was that big, it would try to do the same to you!!!

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VIDEO: Tanning Gone HORRIBLY Wrong

Mother of the year will NOT be going to this woman. How is it even possible to get that dark???

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VIDEO: NEW Dark Knight Rises Trailer!!!!!!

Come on July…Here’s the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises and just like you already guessed it’s amazing.

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VIDEO: Three Friends Get Drunk, Break into Sea World, Wake Up With Stolen Penguin

THE HANGOVER IN REAL LIFE!!!!! Leni is going to be really mad that I posted this (makes Australia look bad) but I couldn’t pass this up. Three friends in Australia got smashed and decided that breaking into Sea World, swimming with dolphins, and generally causing mayhem would be a good way to spend the evening. When they woke up they were back at their apartment…with a stolen penguin. Oh did I mention they VIDEO TAPED THE WHOLE NIGHT???

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