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Hot Saucing

It’s whats known online as “The Worst Mom Punishment Ever”. Instead of washing your mouth out with soap, some mom’s choose to make their kid EAT HOT SAUCE!

I think it’s pretty effective. A) it can’t cause injury B) It causes a reasonable amount of discomfort C) It would make me remember EXACTLY what I did wrong.

Supernanny Jo Frost though says otherwise. She says it’s child abuse and irresponsible parenting.

I’m sorry, what??? Here’s a link to the story on CNN.


Let us know what you think. Is this child abuse??

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Top 10 Cartoon Theme Songs

We had a blast playing these on Morning Candy so we decided to share them with our friends too!

10. Spongebob Squarepants




8. The Simpsons


7. Ducktales


6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


5. Transformers


4. Scooby Doo


3. The Jetsons


2. Underdog


1. Flinstones


Did your favorite get left off the list? Let us know by leaving a comment!


Kittypalooza Details! Please help us!




TO DONATE IN PERSON: We are broadcasting from the NEW LOCATION of Brazos Animal Shelter on Leonard RD. Take 2818 to Leonard and turn going AWAY FROM TOWN. Look for the signs. We are close to the Expo. You can also donate at ALL 5 WALGREENS LOCATIONS. If you can’t come out to the broadcast drop off your donation at your closest Walgreens!!

Meet (some of) The Cats!

Fergie: Sweet adult black and white cat. Calm and chill. Perfect for someone that doesn’t want the energy of a kitten.

Alli: We learned that there’s no such thing as a grey cat. They’re called “blue”. Alli is a young “blue” adult. Full of curiosity and love.

Nick Jonas: One of the “Jonas Brothers” (three kittens sharing a cage). Nick cracked us up yesterday as he thought the cardboard play box was his litter box. He’ll make a great kitten for any family. Very vivacious and fun!

Kevin and Joe Jonas: The OTHER Jonas’. All three are very socail kittens. Play well with eachother.

Frito: They named this one after me. This cat was literally climbing his cage trying to get at us to hold him. He’s as social of a cat as I’ve seen in a long time. If I COULD adopt another one…he’d be the one.

Justin Bieber: Very sweet “blue” kitten! Just like the other kittens, VERY well socialized.

Kitty Purry: Semi long hair. LOVES to pose for pictures.

Lady Gaga: This cat wants a home NOW!! Obviously used to having the run of a house, she’s ready to be out of her kennel for good.


All We Ever Got Was a Free Pizza

This isn’s jealousy talking, it’s reason. How is this kid supposed to want to do anything with his life at all?? How can any amount of success top what he’s already achieved by being born to Sean “Diddy” Combs.

You might remember Justin Combs as the kid who took Nicki Minaj to his Sweet 16 Party (thanks, dad.)

Well, now he’s got something else to lord over the other kids at the lunch table. HIS DAD BOUGHT HIM A CUSTOM MAYBACH LIMO for hitting the Honor Roll.

You read that right. It’s valued at $390,000. Also, it’s NOT HIS FIRST MAYBACH. He got the FIRST quarter million dollar ride AT said Sweet 16.

Here’s a quote from Diddy:

“You don’t ask white people what they buy their kids,” Diddy continued. “And they buy ‘em Porsches and convertible Bentleys, and it ain’t no question. It’s really a racist question and put things back in perspective with money and the way that people still look at you. And I’m not saying that consciously he’s a racist. But he probably don’t even realize that he would not ask Steve Jobs that. He would be like Steve Jobs has that money and that’s the gift his kid is supposed to get.”

Just insane.



Britney VS NSync Mashup

UNREAL Mash-Up from DJ Magic Baron! Hold it Against Me VS. It’s Gonna Be Me.

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