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The REAL King’s Speech


I still haven’t seen it. Colin Firth is being called a stone cold lock for Best Actor because of his performance. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for the film.

Being a big history buff, I usually know the back story to these typs of things…but in this case I don’t. I did find this copy of the actual speech that inspired the movie. Enjoy! –Frito

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Michael Jackson Flash Mob Of The Day

[youtube width="560" height="340"]_ihR2XrQ8UI[/youtube]

LOVE this!! Smooth Criminal!

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I understand the novelty. But, how awkward was that???? First, because Mark Zukerburg has never struck me as someone who has a great sense of humor about himself, but he’s clearly not an actor either. Reason 2; it’s VERY obvious that he’s still not really a fan of Social Network (which he’s talked about several times).

While Jesse Eisenburg IS a good actor, didn’t really feel the monologue. Maybe because he was having to share the stage with the REAL Zuckerburg? Who knows.

I didn’t catch any of the episode other than this. Alli says there was a Lonely Island ft/ Nicki Minaj bit. We’ll post video as soon as we can. –Frito

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Taco Bell’s EPIC Response to Lawsuit

This is an ad that ran in the Wall Street Journal and a bunch of other newspapers nationwide in response to the GROUND BEEF LAWSUIT. From a few days back. Just when I think I couldn’t love Taco Bell any more they go and do this. PERFECT response! Also, it looks like they might have a case against the people who are suing them. That’s what I gather from a statement in some news sources that says they are “looking into their own legal options. Go get em Taco Bell!! Below is a video response from relating to the contraversy. Check it out:





Congrats to Larry! He’s sitting FRONT ROW at Reed for Road to Wrestlemania!

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