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Prom Dress Codes

Schools seem to be going to greater lengths this year when it comes to prom dress codes. Check out these pics of slide shows some schools are showing their students before prom. While you know that I’m a fan of dress codes…this is prom. Isn’t it a little weird to police the kids this close when it’s A) an after school function and B) these kids are about to be in college where they can wear whatever they want?? Check it out and see what you think:

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Can You Be TOO HOT For Your Own Good?

She thinks so. She might be totally self absorbed and insane, but her blog is making the rounds all over for the past few weeks and some of the things she says actually sort of make sense. Read it and see what you think:

Now, imagine DATING her?!

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Could You Pass A US Citizenship Test

Here’s the link to the test Frito and Leni are taking this morning if you want to play along at home.

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The Perfect Man

Here’s the Perfect Man List as compiled by Austin Reed (clothing company). How many does your man have:

–Physical. Six feet tall. Muscularly toned and athletic. Brown eyes. Short dark hair. Smooth chest. Clean shaven. Good fashion sense, but gets ready in 17 minutes or less. Wears jeans and a v-neck sweater.

–Habits. Non-smoker. Prefers beer over wine or cocktails. Admits when he looks at other women. Eats meat.

–Education, Career, Money. College degree. Earns more than you . . . approximately $76,000-a-year. Drives an Audi.

–Hobbies. Loves shopping. Watches football. Can swim and ride a bike. Knows how to change a tire. Has a driver’s license. Likes dramas and reality shows.

–Other Emotional Stuff. Calls his mom twice a week. Says “I love you” only when he means it. Is sensitive when you’re upset. Has a good sense of humor. Wants a family.

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VIDEO: Tiger Has Meltdown at Masters

You know it’s bad when announcer Nick Faldo throws in the “He’s officially lost his mind” statement. Yikes!

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