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VIDEO: When Bro’s Play With Fire (NSFW LANGUAGE) (NSFANYONE Behavior)

Do you ever WISH for someone to have a tragic accident? Do you wonder how it is that some idiots can survive seemingly ANYTHING?

The video above will make you ask BOTH of these questions. This is the story of a group of bros. One bro has somehow indestructable hair. So much so that the other bros have decided to test it…with fire. And if that isn’t enough, the “bro on fire” also decides to experiment with EATING FIRE while all this is going on.

As with many “bro stunts”, bros don’t know how to communicate without lots of dirty language…so there’s TONS of it in the video. Don’t watch it at work, or in front of kids. And obviously…don’t EVER ATTEMPT TO DO THIS. EVER.


Frito’s Beard: Attractive or Not?

We talked about how a new study shows that women really don’t like beards…at all apparently. Frito’s wife is one of the few women who LOVE beards. She insists that Frito is FAR more attractive with a beard. Leni wanted a side by side comparison to decide for sure. Here it is:





1) Watch the video
2) Cringe
3) Decide for yourself: HORRIBLE IDEA or awesome?

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VIDEO: Lindsay Lohan in “The Real Housewives of Disney” from SNL

Lots of mixed reviews of Lindsay last night, but this has to be her strongest sketch. How SNL hasn’t done this as a live bit yet I’ll never know but hopefully it’s coming soon.

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BREAKING: Man Killed in Shooting at Rick Ross’ Miami Home

Police are investigating a shooting that left one man dead at one of Rick Ross’ Miami homes. The home isn’t actually Ross’ place of residence. The Miami Herald reports he used the house as a recording studio and also a crash pad for friends.

Police identified the man killed as 39 year old Gregory Paul Nesbitt, a man who has a criminal history dating back to the 90′s involving drug busts and also a grand theft auto charge in 1994.

Police also say that Ross was not at the house at the time of the shooting and isn’t a suspect but is being sought for questioning in relation to the case.

Here’s more info from the Miami Herald:
Here’s a story on it from TMZ:

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