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VIDEO: WOW!! Check out Leni’s 18 Month Old Doing FULL ON GYMNASTICS MOVES!!

This is pretty impressive. I think she might have a career in this some day!

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VIDEO: Blue Heron Flies into LION ENCLOSURE…Ends Badly

Today’s video evidence that all cats are essentially the same. I swear I’ve seen my cats do this with a sock a hundred thousand times. These just happen to be lions and the sock is a bird with a 6 foot wing span. WARNING: The bird dies. There isn’t blood, but if this sort of thing bothers you DO NOT WATCH!!

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BLOG: Leni’s Hawaiian Adventure PART 3

Ok, so Sunday got away from me folks and Monday too and lo and behold, here we are smack bang in the middle of Tuesday. I will try to recap as best I can, the main bullet points from those two and a half days, as I see them.

Sunday we took the quarter-million-a-day-rental car and drove around the island. For miles and miles, we drove along towering cliffs, overlooking a perfect blue ocean, complete with crashing waves and misting sea spray. This would have been nothing short of replendent, if I hadn’t the night previous dreamt of being in a car that went sailing off an enormous cliff and into the rock riddled ocean, below.

In the dream, my friend Kathryn from Primary School, was in the driver’s seat. She lost control on one of the hair pin bends, identical to the ones we found ourselves traversing on Sunday. As the car went sailing over the edge and terror gripped me, I began to unbuckle my seat belt, realizing that if I landed in the ocean wearing it, I would be trapped under water with not quick way to free myself from the car. Before I could unfasten it however, Kathryn calmly yet assertively said: “Don’t. You. Dare.” At once I understood that the belt was perhaps the only thing that would save my life, when we finally crashed onto the fast approaching rocks.

Look, I despise people describing their dreams as much as the next guy, but I tell you this simply as justification for why the entire day sucked for me on Sunday and why I spent most of it waiting for my dream premonition to come true. (In the dream we landed on dry land, the ocean had disappeared, e seat belt had saved me. So.) Monday was President’s day and Mum was keen to hit the outlet malls for the sales, so away we went, blessedly not a cliff edge or crashing wave set in sight.
By now Ryan and I had more than spent the vacation budget, so the shopping trip was more of a window shopping trip for us, at least. I personally, have never understood the appeal of window shopping. Why would I want to look at stuff I can’t have? I imagine if I were male, that I would feel much the way about strip clubs. (Speaking of, we passed a Hawaiian one yesterday, sign out front simply read: “Naked Lady.” ‘Just the one?’ I mused. If it was yer day off, did the joint just become beers and microwaved snacks, or what?) The President’s day sales prices turned out to be somewhat laughable, further evidence of the: “You’re on an island, what are you gonna do about it?” local ethos. Still, Mum managed to pick up some “bargains” and Dad bought me a nice sundress and also a baby doll for Anika, so all in all, it was a pleasant day.

That evening, Ryan and I offloaded the little one to my parents and went to enjoy a much needed date night. We chose a beautiful restaurant overlooking the shore front, which frankly seemed way out of any reasonable persons price range. Key point of note here: one way my husband and I differ, is thT when the budget becomes tight, I go into “I can survive on half a meal a day mode!” whereas he goes into: “we’re gonna be broke when we get home anyway, so we may as well spend the remaining funds on Wagu beef!” mode.

The appetizer I ate as an entree, was absolutely exquisite, I must say. it was a delectable sea food platter and oh boy was I loving every mouthful of it. our waiter proved to be somewhat of a distraction through, eyeing us as though he thought we might do a runner and not pay. He was so brazen about it, we probably should have.
Another interesting thing about dinner was the table of fifteen Asians adjacent to us, who were “celebrating” a wedding, as evidenced by the bride and groom seated at the table’s head. The amazing thing about this group was that they remained throughout the course of our dinner, virtually silent. I gaped at them openly, considering how anytime there are fifteen of my family gathered, the noise levels registers as easily, among one of the loudest things in the known universe.
Full of bite size lobster and silent Asains wonder, we made our tired wayback to the hotel, another day closer to having to head home…

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VIDEO: LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking

Here’s the latest classic video from LMFAO. These things keep getting better and better!

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BLOG: Leni’s Hawaiian Adventure PART 2

Here’s more from Leni on vacation in Hawaii:

Friday started early. The time difference, coupled with the fact that I’d lately been getting up at 4.30 for work, meant that by 2am I was up and at ‘em. I decided it would be more fun if my toddler were up too, so gently coaxed her from her prison-like hotel crib by gently wafting a choc-coated Fiber One bar, under her nose. (There had been no bowel movement and much straining since Texas, so, you know: this getting her up in the dead of the night to hang out and eat roughage, was good parenting on my part.) By the time 9am rolled around and my Mother had been procured from the airport, me, my husband and daughter were all, to use an Australian colloquialism, “absolutely knackered.”
I however fought my fatigue to take Mum and the little one to breakfast, while Ryan drove back to the airport to pick up Dad, who was on a later flight.
Mum and I sat in the diner in the hotel’s lobby and enjoyed some stellar comedy from the Asian wait staff there. “You are looking for the toilet miss? It is closed. Until next Tuesday! Hahahahahahaa!”
I did an excellent job at laughing and replying: “Oh my, well that’s a long time to wait isn’t it!” without adding: “No but seriously, where is it? Ive been up since two and subsequently have no patience for merriment.”
Mum had slept on the plane, was in great spirits and was chock full of gossip from home, so I decided to perk up, ordered a glass of my old friend White Zin and settled in to chat. When you’re Australian, you don’t even have to preface a drink order with a cursory: “It’s 5pm somewhere in the world.” Vacations are for any time of day drinking, it’s a national law. Kind of.
I asked about my three sisters, all of whom I adore, and made sibling rivalry notes in my mind. ‘Damn youngest child over achiever lawyer kid! I’ll never earn as much money as her!’
Out loud and regarding the other middle sister besides me, I said, “Jo’s oldest has hit the terrible two’s? Must be tough….” while my own kid pelted sugar packets at the floor. Mum stepped in to help and spent the next two hours providing lots of Grandmotherly attention. It was lovely to have one of the elders of the tribe around, something I get to enjoy all too rarely.
Later that afternoon, we hit the pool on level three. It occurred to me while draped across a sun lounge and covered head to toe in towels, (this lily white skin takes work folks), that I’d been there basically a full two days and had barely seen any actual Hawaii. I relaxed though, knowing that Dad whose nickname is “Captain Itinerary” would soon sort that out.
Dad was too relaxed to be his usual planning self though, which was the product of a misunderstanding with a flight attendant. He had napped on the plane, awoken and asked: “how far in are we?” which the flight attendant interpreted as: “how far in to Hawaii are we?” and thus had responded: “Two and a half hours.” Thinking they were only two and a half hours into a nine hour flight, Dad took enough sleep aides to ensure he’d miss the next seven hours and once landed, had to be roused and near shuffled off of the plane.
He was of course thrilled to see his Granddaughter though and him and Mum fed her fries by the pool and took her for walks around it’s perimeter. (It really wasn’t hot enough to go swimming and my daughter seemed more interested in walking around waving to her adoring public anyway. We are unclear on where she gets her extroverted nature from…..) Soon things got really windy by the pool and I didn’t pay ten bucks per drink garnish to have those chunks of pineapple go gusting off the side of the building, so we turned in for a much needed afternoon nap.
Dinner that night was Mexican, which we actually left the hotel for, so: yay for me, I can now say I’ve, ‘seen the island.’
On the way out I saw someone wearing one of those flower necklace thingies and realized that not a single native had attempted to drape one over my head. Before arriving, I’d assumed that once in Hawaii, one’s neck would immediately be adorned with a wreath of local flora and would remain a veritable flower box for the duration of one’s stay. Perhaps they only give you the flower necklace thingies if you look like a nice person? Or if you look like you are pro-tanning? Or if you don’t look like you’re the drinking at nine am type?
I determined to make it my business to get necklaced at least once before going home. (Yes yes, I actually know that they’re called “lays” but do I really seem like the kind of uncouth and unimaginative woman who would make jokes about getting “laid”? A shame on you, dear reader.) That night I went to bed with a headache and realized that I’d drank plenty all day, but hadn’t eaten enough.
As I drifted off to sleep, I thought: ‘Tomorrow I shall eat lots of food and see if I can get someone to give me a flower necklace thingy….’ Lofty goals my friends….lofty goals.

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