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VIDEO: Jason Derulo Puts EVERYONE in Talk Dirty Video!!


This is really cool! For the video to “Talk Dirty” Jason Derulo got EVERYONE in it. Reality Stars, One Direction, Musicians, Actors, TV Legends, Radio DJs, Viral Video people, Randos, SERIOUSLY EVERYONE. Great idea for a music video!

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Morning Candy Tries “Oil Pulling”


Katy and Frito are trying “oil pulling” for a few weeks. The basics of it are you do the following:

1) Put between 1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil in your mouth.
2) Swirl it around for around 15-20 mins (just like mouthwash)
3) Spit it out

It’s supposed to do a bunch of wonderful stuff like:

1) brighten and whiten teeth
2) improve overall dental health
3) clear up acne
4) open up sinuses
5) improve kidney function
6) cure headaches
7) encourage better sleep

They’re not sure if all of that is true, but they both say they are notice a cleaner feeling in their mouths.

If you want to learn more there’s an excellent article at the link:

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President Obama on “Between Two Ferns”

He’ll go on literally anything. The big question is will his presidency end before we can get him on the phone!

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Frozen Parody for Dads

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Justin Bieber’s Strange Strange Deposition

As discussed on the show, Bieber comes off as very punchable but he’s kind of got a point as NONE OF THESE QUESTIONS seem to have anything to do with an actual legal matter. Check it out below.

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