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Great Gift or Horrible Idea? The Daddle

Just in time for Christmas, it’s “The Daddle”. It’s a saddle for a dad to wear so his son or daughter can ride him around the house like a horse or donkey. We’re on the fence about this one. Good gift or just demeaning?

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VIDEO: The Most Vicious, Disgusting, Vomit Enducing Prank in History.

I’ll leave it to this online description to set up the following video.

The winter pep rally prank at Minnesota’s Rosemount High went something like this: 1. Film the school’s blindfolded sports captains full-on making out with their parents. 2. Ask them if they can guess who they kissed. 3. Watch on in horror as they unwittingly compliment their mother’s “luscious lips.” 4. ????????????? 5. Vomit forever.

Oh sweet LORD…I would NEVER live this down. Talk about being scarred for life.

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AUDIO: Frito and Alli Go A-Caroling!

Usually each year we call up “Dial-A-Carol” at University of Illinois and let them seronade us with some holiday cheer. This year we missed them by one day. Obviously this called for drastic measures:


AUDIO: Chace Murphy Re-Interprets “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”

DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS WITH YOUR KIDS IF YOU EVER WANT THEM TO SLEEP AGAIN!!! Just like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, some holiday songs are a lot less full of cheer when you break down the lyrics. Newsman and Voice Talent Chace Murphy illustrates:


The “Reason To Celebrate” Of The Day

We had a mom call in a pretty amazing Reason To Celebrate this morning that I felt like posting for those who missed it. Audio is below:

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