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LISTEN: The latest “Breaking Dawn” readings from Big Daddy Downs

Highly. Sensual.

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OPTICAL ILLUSION: Which Do You See: Einestien or Marilyn Monroe

This is pretty weird. Here’s how it works. The closer to the screen you are, you’ll see Einstien. The farther you move back…it becomes Marilyn Monroe. Depending on your vision you’ll have to get up to 16 feet away from the computer before it turns 100% Marilyn. We have no idea how this was accomplished.

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My Fake Uggs Are Made Out of WHAT?????

This guy. He’s what in Great Britain is referred to as a “racoon dog”. From what I was reading I couldn’t determine if it is some weird breed of dog or just a racoon or a combination of racoons and dogs going to form the “fur lining” portion of the popular boots. Yikes!! There’s a link to the story below and it’s a pretty long read, but very interesting…especially if you own a pair of two of knock off Uggs.

The Dogs Dying for Your Fake Uggs

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LISTEN: Sarah and the 10:15s

If you didn’t get to catch this on the show today, here’s what you missed:

Sarah Smith and her friends played for the first time ever at the “Talent for a Cure” show on campus last month. First time EVER on stage. They won the show. Since then they’re just starting out and haven’t even recorded singles or booked shows yet but we decided to have them on because they are clearly SUPER talented. Here’s the podcast of the hour they spent on the show.


VIDEO: Surfer Breaks World Record…Rides 90 FOOT WAVE!!!

I was looking for this video all day and JUST NOW found it. Some psycho named Garrett McNamara decided to tempt fate, hop on a surfboard and slide down a wave the size of an 8 story building. This is just WILD!!

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