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So What’s ACTUALLY INSIDE the McRib?

Unless you REALLY WANT TO KNOW what’s inside of the biggest cult classic sandwich in the fast food game CLICK AWAY FROM THIS WINDOW NOW!!!!!!

And here we go….

Chemicals. There are about 70 ingredients involved . . . 34 of which are in the bun. Most of those are chemicals used for who knows what. But one is azodicarbonamide, which bleaches flour and is also used to make gym mats.

Pig scraps. The McRib is assembled from pieces of pig like the heart and stomach. Those are cooked together and blended into a substance that IS pig . . . at least technically.

Lots of salt. Salt is used for flavoring . . . and to extract proteins from the meat which help basically GLUE the stray pig parts together.

No bones at all. You’ll never have to worry about finding a rib bone or any other bone in your McRib . . . just because it’s pressed to LOOK like ribs doesn’t mean there are actually any ribs inside.

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OH MY GOD…Picture of Stephen Tyler after His Shower Slip-and-Fall

If you missed the Today Show, you missed this picture of Stephen Tyler post falling in the shower and knocking out a couple of teeth. Apparently dude wears A BUNCH of makeup/product because I seriously didn’t recognize him. Wow…

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5 WORST Television Commercials of 2011

Some of these we’ve seen, some are new to us…but ALL of them are amazingly bad.

1) POOP There it is: Luvs Diapers

2) Woman Hates Her Husband: AT&T

3) Hail to the V: Summers Eve

4) Spider 4g Phone: AT&T and Samsung

5) Weekend Apps: Geico


SHOCKING: Pics Of What Booze, Cigs, and Fast Food Do To You OVER 10 YEARS

If this doesn’t make you take a good hard look at your life I don’t know what will. A forensic expert in England altered a reporter’s photos to show what she’d look like in a decade if she drank two glasses of wine a day . . . smoked a pack a day . . . or ate a high-sugar, high-carb diet every day. Here are the results

Drinking Two Glasses of Wine a Day



10 Years of Pack-a-Day Smoking



10 Years of Fast Food




VIDEO: Britney Spears – Criminal

Wow! VERY sexy! And gunplay on top of everything? Nice!

I will say this though, it seems like the police made a slight overreaction with the SWAT team assault though. So what do you think?

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