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Video: Sesame Street Bieber Spoof

Sesame Street’s Elmo and a Justin Bieber look-alike Muppet spoof the pop singer’s hit song “Never Say Never” in a new video aimed at teaching kids how to measure.  So cute!

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PICTURE: Frito’s NEWEST Tattoo

If you’re keeping track, that’s THE FIFTH THIS YEAR. Props to Scotty at Arsenal Tattoo on the script.

On a side note, should I be shaving my arms on the regular? Didn’t notice until yesterday. Kinda gross.

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VIDEO: Is Joseph Gordon Levitt THE NEW ROBIN???

He won’t confirm or deny it. Check out this quick clip from MTV News:

For what it’s worth Christopher Nolan has ALWAYS said there would be NO ROBIN in his version of Batman, but only time will tell. The Dark Knight Rises hits theatres July 2012.


B/CS Declared one of the 10 WORST COLLEGE TOWNS For Food in US

I’m sorry, what??? Are you KIDDING ME?? This is what has to say about Bryan / College Station when it comes to our local food scene:

Aptly described by a wag on the City-Data boards as “just one giant strip mall,” this charmless city offers its residents an unceasing menu of chains (Applebee’s, Chili’s, two Quiznos, two Schlotzsky’s, six Sonics, and—dear God—18 Subways), undistinguished “cantina” Tex-Mex, and “college food” joints pushing pizzas, wings, and subs.

Really. No love for Republic? Veritas? Christophers? Casa Rodriguez? Riddle me this Batman. EXPLAIN WHATABURGER!!! A chain people admittedly drive sometimes HUNDREDS of miles to visit. What about Freebirds?? Born on Northgate. Actually this whole list is a complete joke. I can’t WAIT to see the Top 10 (probably with Austin on top because there’s a rule you have to include them in every cool hip and trendy list whether they deserve it or not).

Read the whole story here:


IMAGE CREDIT: Steven w/ Creative Commons


BURN: Aggies Put SECession Billboard in Heart of Waco!!

Oh man, I don’t know which Ags are responsible for this but it’s a GENIUS move. The billboard is located at the corner of I-35 and Valley Mills. For those of you not familiar with Waco traffic…that’s a HUGE intersection. To whoever pulled this off, WELL DONE!! (Click for full size)

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