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PICTURE PROOF: Nicholas Cage is over 200 Years Old

Vampire? Maybe. TELL ME that this isn’t Nic Cage in the 1870’s!! Someone is trying to sell the origional print on eBay. (Click for full size)


SUPER WEIRD PICS OF THE DAY: Kim Kardashian in the Princess Leia Gold Bikini

Can’t even begin to describe how odd this is. These are from a pilot of a puppet based show from Comedy Central a few years back. It never got picked up but it featured KIM KARDASHIAN IN THE PRINCESS LEIA BIKINI from the Jabba the Hutt scene. ALSO you’ll notice one KANYE WEST in Storm Trooper gear. What???

[nggallery id=186]

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VIDEO: An AWESOME Duck Tales Theme Song Cover

Need something stuck in your head today?? Try this on for size. I’ll be looking for Ducktales DVDs on NetFlix now.


PICTURE: Frito Finally Admits The Facts

It all started years ago. I had a conversation that started after I got a strange look. I initially refused to accept the facts. I thought that it was just a natural phase that time would take care of. I ignored the warnings of my family and friends and even took drastic measures to correct what was obvious to everyone else in my life.

However recently, my wife shared with me that I should abandon my head shaving after two years and go with the buzz look. After a week or so of growing out my mane once again, I had a conversation with Chace and Alli that made me finally face the facts…I am going bald.

I don’t know the timeframe, maybe a year…maybe two? What is evidenced by the picture above is that the troops have clearly retreated past the point of no return.

This leaves me a few options. Do I A) Leave the fuzz and embrace it (the Jason Statham), B) Fire the rest of it before it quits (the Stone Cold aka Frito from last week), or do I rock the imfamous “horseshoe”.

Make your voice heard here:

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QUIZ: Are You A Crazy Cat Person??

Here’s how it works. For every “yes” answer give yourself one point:

–Do you think cats are smarter than people?

–Do you feel Tom is more talented than Jerry?

–Do you have more cats than ex-boyfriends?

–Do you bring new boyfriends home so the cats can meet them?

–Do you later break up with them because the cats weren’t impressed?

–Do you spend more on doctor bills for your cats than for yourself?

–Do you buy the ice cream your cats prefer instead of the kind you like?

–Can you tell your cats apart by the roughness of their tongues?

–Have you ever warned a guest not to sit on a specific piece of furniture because it belongs to the cats?

–Do you own more than one piece of clothing with a cat on it?

–Do you have a website devoted to your cats? Do you have a website for each cat?

–Do you spend more on Christmas presents for your cat than for your family?

–Do you buy more than one kind of cat food because a few of your cats are picky eaters?

–Have you ever had to explain to a police officer that the stuff in the bag really is catnip?

–Is the sheet of instructions for watching your cats while you’re on vacation longer than a page? Two pages? What vacation?

The more points the crazier you are. If you answered yes to all you might be this person:

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