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VIDEO: The Fight to Save Bastrop State Park

One of my favorite state parks. Sad to see it this way. Video of firefighters battle to save the historic buildings and endangered wildlife in Bastrop State Park.

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VIDEO: This is How Fast a Wildfire Moves

Lots of words come to mind. Scary, sad, amazing are some of them. This was recorded Sunday in Bastrop State Park. It shows EXACTLY how fast fires like this can move.

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Video: Madonna’s Anti-Hydrangea Diva Behavior

Apparently, Madonna doesn’t like Hydrangeas.  In fact, she “loathes” them.  We all found out about her distaste for the flower when a fan handed her a beautiful bouquet of them before a press conference in Italy.  She thanks the man who hands her the flowers.  Then she shoots a look to the person next to her and turns to her other side to share the following:

“I absolutely loathe hydrangeas.  He obviously doesn’t know that.”


NOTE FROM ALLI: No, Madonna. OF COURSE he doesn’t KNOW that.  Why would anyone know your ridiculous opinions on flowers??!!!  Why do you EXPECT people to KNOW that?  This guy was trying to do something nice and all you can do is complain?  Also…QUIT trying to sound like your from the U.K.  Ugh…I am so disgusted by her right now I could scream.  Gross. Still love “Vogue” though….

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WOULD YOU EAT IT? Deep Fried Bubble Gum

Coming to the Texas State Fair THIS YEAR is the latest dried concoction…Deep Fried Bubblegum. In reality it’s not actually gum. It’s marshmallows filled with liquid gum extract, battered, fried, covered in chiclets and icing. A picture is below:

So…Would You Eat It?

More items from this years Fair include:

*Deep Fried Salsa
*Deep Fried Sauerkraut and Pork Sausage Ball
*A Taco served in a bag of nacho cheese Doritos
*Buffalo Chicken Strips coated with pancake batter and (you guessed it) deep fried

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Video: Is “Batman-ing” the new “planking”?

First there was planking…then owling…then horse-manning.  Now we have the latest internet photo craze: Batman-ing.  Basically, you hang upsidedown from your feet on anything that you can. 

This looks highly unsafe, so participate at your own risk. 
Or…just watch these guys!


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