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Hurricane Irene…From Space

Will you look at the SIZE OF THAT THING??? Massive storm. Pics were taken from the International Space Station.


Navy SEAL’s Dog Stands Guard One Last Time

Petty Officer Jon Tumilson, one of the Navy SEALS killed when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan on August 6th, was laid to rest over the weekend, and his dog, Hawkeye, wouldn’t leave his casket during the funeral.

The featured photos were taken by Jon Tumilson’s cousin Lisa Pembleton.

If that doesn’t come close to bringing you to tears, I don’t know what to say to you.

To read more about Jon Tumilson click HERE.

Special thanks to Guy Phillips at Y98 in St. Louis for sending this our way.

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Ask Vadar

Need carreer advice? Love advice? Need to decide what to eat for lunch today? Why not ask the most evil villain in the history of film, Darth Vadar. It works a little like a magic 8-ball. We tried it on-air and it didn’t exactly make sense, but maybe you’ll have more luck.



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VIDEO: Is Jim Carey Creepily In Love With Emma Stone??

Normally I would be sure this was a joke, but on this one I’m not so sure. Is Jim Carey crushing on Emma Stone to the point that he’s releasing YouTube rants about it? Maybe? Watch and see what you think:

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The Facebook Purity Test

At this point it’s safe to say we’re ALL aware of Facebook. Most of us have pages. Many of us check them every day. Almost as many check them once every couple of hours. Some of us can’t live without being connected to it 24/7.

So which one are you? We present to you…The Facebook Purity Test. You start with 100. For every question you answer yes to…subtract a point. At the end of the test, the higher your number the more “Facebook Pure” (or less Facebook addicted) you are. Let us know your scores!!

Click here to take the test: The Facebook Purity Test

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