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The Facebook Purity Test

At this point it’s safe to say we’re ALL aware of Facebook. Most of us have pages. Many of us check them every day. Almost as many check them once every couple of hours. Some of us can’t live without being connected to it 24/7.

So which one are you? We present to you…The Facebook Purity Test. You start with 100. For every question you answer yes to…subtract a point. At the end of the test, the higher your number the more “Facebook Pure” (or less Facebook addicted) you are. Let us know your scores!!

Click here to take the test: The Facebook Purity Test

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Video: Selena Gomez Raps?

So, apparently we’ve been living under a rock…but did you guys know that Selena Gomez RAPS in concert?  She’s been performing Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass” on her tour this summer! 

Check it out!


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UNSEXIEST Album Covers of All Time

We’ve all seen some HOT album covers in our days, however decided to take the game to the next level and dig up the LEAST sexy album covers from the history of music. Here’s a few of our favorites in no particular order:


PRINCE: Lovesexy



RICK JAMES: Throwin’ Down

ORLEANS: Waking and Dreaming

ADAM LAMBERT: For Your Entertainment

CHER: Take Me Home



MADONNA: Hard Candy



And our personal favorite…..


Hilarious!! For the full list click here:

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Video: Ryan Gosling Breaks Up a Fight

Ladies, did you need another reason to swoon over Ryan Gosling?  No?  Well, too bad.  Here’s one anyway.  Apparently Ryan is the kind of guy that swoops in from nowhere to break up fights on the streets of New York City.  There’s a YouTube video floating around that shows Ryan walk up to two total strangers to break up a fight over a painting. 

When the girls filming the impromptu video realized that the random hero was “the guy from The Notebook” they promptly freak out.  We think you will too.  Check it out!


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VIDEO: Child Bride Goes International

They’re taking the freak show to Australia for a press tour. It’s just as horrifying there as it is here. Check the VERY awkward video here:

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