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Video: Ryan Gosling Breaks Up a Fight

Ladies, did you need another reason to swoon over Ryan Gosling?  No?  Well, too bad.  Here’s one anyway.  Apparently Ryan is the kind of guy that swoops in from nowhere to break up fights on the streets of New York City.  There’s a YouTube video floating around that shows Ryan walk up to two total strangers to break up a fight over a painting. 

When the girls filming the impromptu video realized that the random hero was “the guy from The Notebook” they promptly freak out.  We think you will too.  Check it out!


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VIDEO: Child Bride Goes International

They’re taking the freak show to Australia for a press tour. It’s just as horrifying there as it is here. Check the VERY awkward video here:

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Video: The Lisa Frank Story

Ever wondered about the history of everyone’s favorite 90’s psychedelic unicorn pocket folder designer, Lisa Frank?  Check out the trailer for the very compelling biopic from UCBcomedy…

Lisa Frank
Watch more comedy videos from the twisted minds of the UCB Theatre at
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CAPTION THIS: Tree Climbing Goats

Thanks to John Ellisor (a friend at for posting this. Morroccan Tree Climbing Goats. Yes, this is 100% real. Yes, it’s another reason that I find goats to be one of the creepiest animals on the planet.

CAPTION CONTEST!! Leave your caption as a comment here.

UPDATE: Thanks to Kendra who clued me into a whole new level of goat creepiness…fainting goats. Video below:


Lingerie for FOUR YEAR OLDS. Yep, it’s happening.

From France (who are hell bent on having NOTHING to do with any kind of age appropriate stance on anything) we bring you lingerie for FOUR YEAR OLDS!!!! Actually the Jours Apres Lunes line offers selections from ages 4-12. Here’s a few pictures from thier most recent ad campaign:

Maybe I’m over reacting, but WHO IN THIER RIGHT MIND WOULD BUY THIS STUFF FOR THIER KIDS????? I’m VERY uncomfortable just seeing the ads. What 7 year old needs French lingerie???

Here’s the link with more details:

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