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VIDEO: 4 Year Old Preacher Going OFF!

This is a preview for a new show on NatGeo called “Pint Sized Preachers”. Think “Toddlers and Tiaras” only with hardcore evangelical ministers. Honestly, this is pretty cool. Crazy to watch, but cool. To me it’s like if you took a 50 year old preacher and trapped him in the body of a toddler. See for yourself!

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VIDEO: The 25 Greatest Improvised Scenes in Movies

I love this. It’s a collection of the best unscripted moments from movies. I had no idea some of these were created on the fly. Check it out:


PICTURE: THAT’S Tara Reid’s Engagement Ring??? Is it Real???

What in holy cracker jack box hell is THAT THING on Tara Reid’s finger??? Allegedly it’s 1) 100% real. 2) The engagement ring she got on Saturday. I’m guessing if any of us got that ring we’d opt to get married the same day too. Assuming that’s real, how much does something like that cost?? Second, would you even wear it out??

FYI, the image comes from Tara’s Twitter page. Click here if that’s your thing.



I say no. I’m actually not convinced this is real. If it is, this kid has to be the biggest wuss on the planet.

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VIDEO/PICTURES: The Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse

This is nothing but terrifying. The official cause is a sudden storm which kicked up high level winds resulting in a stage collapse that killed five and injured 40. Because the weather was going bad, lots of people started taking videos and pictures which ended up capturing the incident in real time.

The video is really hard to watch. It’s amazing how fast everything started breaking down.

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