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ALERT: The “Child Bride” is on Twitter!!!!!!

Too good to be true but it is. Courtney Stodden the 16 year old creepy as hell bride of creepier than hell Doug “Percy from Green Mile” Hutchinson is on Twitter (@CourtneyStodden) and her tweets are just plain uncomfortable. Here are some of my faves:

Slowly slipping under these sensuous silk covers as I lie down in bed & entertain myself w/the classic movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. XOs

A soft sensation sweetly kisses my body as I prepare for a sexy hot photo shoot this afternoon. What a breathtaking morning it has been! ;-)

Stepped my paws into a sexy wet cat-suit; Prowling mysteriously around the house while lickin’ my lips searchin’ for some nip! MEEEOWWW! ;-)

I love these steamy mornings that allow you to erotically roll out of bed in nothing but your cheeky string bikini. Mmm, how electrifying!

Woke up to a perfect morning; Romantic melodies softly playing, my favorite breakfast all prepared, & my pups licking me up & down… Mmm!

Turned on some soft slow jams, lit a few candles & dimmed the lights; There’s this sensual energy in the air that is making me want to dance

Someone PLEASE find Chris Hansen. American needs him more than ever. Also, the trainwreck continues as Stodden posed in a replica pic of the iconic Pam Anderson shot from Baywatch. See below:

Wrong. Just Wrong. Thanks to for the twitter heads up.


Video: Realistic Charlie Sheen Mask

The company Hyperflesh created an AWESOME Charlie Sheen mask and debuted it this year at MaskFest.  When you watch the video below, there’s no doubt as to why this mask was “duh, winning!” the entire comeptition.




VIDEO: 4 Year Old Preacher Going OFF!

This is a preview for a new show on NatGeo called “Pint Sized Preachers”. Think “Toddlers and Tiaras” only with hardcore evangelical ministers. Honestly, this is pretty cool. Crazy to watch, but cool. To me it’s like if you took a 50 year old preacher and trapped him in the body of a toddler. See for yourself!

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VIDEO: The 25 Greatest Improvised Scenes in Movies

I love this. It’s a collection of the best unscripted moments from movies. I had no idea some of these were created on the fly. Check it out:


PICTURE: THAT’S Tara Reid’s Engagement Ring??? Is it Real???

What in holy cracker jack box hell is THAT THING on Tara Reid’s finger??? Allegedly it’s 1) 100% real. 2) The engagement ring she got on Saturday. I’m guessing if any of us got that ring we’d opt to get married the same day too. Assuming that’s real, how much does something like that cost?? Second, would you even wear it out??

FYI, the image comes from Tara’s Twitter page. Click here if that’s your thing.

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