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Swank=Bieber? Frito thinks so…

So Frito has this theory that Hilary Swank in “Boys Don’t Cry” and Justin Bieber + new-ish haircut are the same person.  What do you think???








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“Time” Magazine’s All-Time Best Music Videos

“Once In a Lifetime” Talking Heads (1980)


“Thriller” Michael Jackson (1984)


“Take On Me” A-Ha (1985)

“Sledgehammer” Peter Gabriel (1986)


“Nothing Compares 2 U” Sinead O’Connor (1990)


“Heart-Shaped Box” Nirvana (1993)


“Buddy Holly” Weezer (1994)


“Sabotage” The Beastie Boys (1994)


“Virtual Insanity” Jamiroquai (1997)


“Praise You” Fatboy Slim (1999)


“The Hardest Button to Button” The White Stripes (2005)


“Here It Goes Again” OK Go (2006)


“Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” Beyonce (2008)


“Bad Romance” Lady Gaga (2009)


“Runaway” Kanye West (2010)

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Teen asks Justin Bieber to Senior Prom

Well, it seems that social networks have a new purpose.  That purpose is to pressure celebrities into going as our dates to our fancy events. I’m all good with that.  The most recent attemps is by 17-year-old Cadie Eimer.  She would like Justin Bieber to accompany her to her Senior Prom next year.  She has created a website completely devoted to this mission:, a twitter account, and a facebook page, all in the attempt to get Justin to make her dream come true.  But the reason she’s getting so much attention is that she and her bestie Holly have Youtubed themselves performing what I believe to be the worst rap ever in life.

I admire her dedication to her cause, but based on this rap, should Justin really feel the pressure to say yes???


If you’re moved by her dream, help her out!  Sign the twitition here.

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VIDEO: 13 Year Super Talented Blues Singer

Wow…the kid’s name is Brendan McFarlane. He’s a monster. Here’s a video of him in a guitar shop throwing down on some Sam Cooke.

Here’s his cover of Alicia Keys – No One.

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Best of Morning Candy (July 28)

Chace, Alli, and Frito ponder how it’s possible for Brits to gain so much weight when they travel abroad.

Someone is stealing Frito’s frozen lunches out of the office fridge. What should he do to put it to a stop?

Rivalries are fun. Until someone takes things a little too far…

Some states are allowing CPS to step in and take kids out of thier parents homes if they’re morbidly obese. Good idea or bad idea?

Alli’s Celebrity Buzz

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