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The “Tan Mom” Music Video Could Be The Worst Ever

We played Tan Mom’s dance track on the show a few weeks ago. It was as bad as you would have thought. Now it’s even worse (or better depending on your perspective). Here’s the trainwreck of a music video that was just released.

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The “Miguel Leg Drop” is the Most Magical Part of the Billboards

Enjoy! No word on the women’s condition.

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Ladies Arm Wrestling is INTENSE!!

European female arm wrestlers get rowdy during a match. Wow…

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VIDEO: Men Experience The PAIN OF CHILDBIRTH!!!!

All while their wives look on in sick amusement!! Ladies, ENJOY!!

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Greatest Episode of Kitchen Nightmares EVER

Prepare yourself for what you are about to watch. Two cafe owners out crazy Gordon Ramsey to the point where he quits the show. I can not exaggerate how amazing this video is. Unbelievable!!!

But WAIT!! It get’s better!! Check out their EPIC LEVEL SELF DESTRUCT that happened yesterday on Facebook after the episode aired!!


UPDATE: IT GETS BETTER!!! Crazy Amy says even though most of the stuff she was saying on Facebook sounds EXACTLY LIKE HER….they were “hacked”.

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