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A Golden Corral in Florida Stored Raw Meat…By a Dumpster

This is just gross. I have no idea why, but the dude responsible in Florida obviously was fired that day once the video went viral. Check it out:

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The Cleveland Kidnapping Victims Speak Out


Paula Deen Melts Down on Today Show

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This has to be one of the most uncomfortable interviews I’ve ever seen. It no doubt made things a lot worse because she still seems to not really be admitting to what she did. What do you think? Is Paula Deen sorry or is she sorry she got caught?

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The “Tan Mom” Music Video Could Be The Worst Ever

We played Tan Mom’s dance track on the show a few weeks ago. It was as bad as you would have thought. Now it’s even worse (or better depending on your perspective). Here’s the trainwreck of a music video that was just released.

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The “Miguel Leg Drop” is the Most Magical Part of the Billboards

Enjoy! No word on the women’s condition.

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