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VIDEO: 13 Year Super Talented Blues Singer

Wow…the kid’s name is Brendan McFarlane. He’s a monster. Here’s a video of him in a guitar shop throwing down on some Sam Cooke.

Here’s his cover of Alicia Keys – No One.

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Best of Morning Candy (July 28)

Chace, Alli, and Frito ponder how it’s possible for Brits to gain so much weight when they travel abroad.

Someone is stealing Frito’s frozen lunches out of the office fridge. What should he do to put it to a stop?

Rivalries are fun. Until someone takes things a little too far…

Some states are allowing CPS to step in and take kids out of thier parents homes if they’re morbidly obese. Good idea or bad idea?

Alli’s Celebrity Buzz

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Are Hot dogs killing us?

I guess because there’s not enough to worry about in D.C., now a medical group in the capital is out to destroy a great American tradition…the hot dog.  The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has just unveiled a billboard in Indianapolis with a picture of hot dogs in a cigarette pack.

According to The Daily Mail,

“The group is trying to create awareness of a link between hot dogs and colorectal cancer.  The 2007 study they cite by the World Cancer Research Fund found that one 50 gram serving of processed meat a day, about the same amount in one hot dog, increases the risk of colorectal cancer by about 21 per cent.  Hot dogs should come with a ‘warning label that helps consumers understand the health risk,’ Susan Levin, the committee’s nutrition education director told USA Today, similar to warning labels on cigarettes.”

So what do you think???  Are hot dogs killing us?  Should they have to come with a warning label, like a pack of cigarettes?



VIDEO: The Afghanistan Version of “The Office”

It’s called “The Ministry”. The trailer is below. Notice the subtle differences.

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Best Of Morning Candy (July 27)

Happy Meals are getting healthier. But will kids actually eat the new healthy items?

Zach the Intern takes a crack at a one-man rendition of Morning Candy Breakfast Theatre

Frito, Alli, and Chace react to a couple of Brits discovering and kind of making fun of Wal-Mart.

More women are saying they would become “Sugar Babies” than ever before. Some think it’s the economy. A Sugar Baby is someone who is in a relationship ONLY because the other person showers them in money/gifts. It’s different from a Gold Digger because the other person is aware of the situation too. We asked if anyone in the audience would consider being a Sugar Baby.

Frito found a “Bucket List for Men” and thought it was pretty lame. What about the ladies? What are some things EVERY WOMAN should do before she dies?

Alli’s Celebrity Buzz

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