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VIDEO: The Afghanistan Version of “The Office”

It’s called “The Ministry”. The trailer is below. Notice the subtle differences.

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Best Of Morning Candy (July 27)

Happy Meals are getting healthier. But will kids actually eat the new healthy items?

Zach the Intern takes a crack at a one-man rendition of Morning Candy Breakfast Theatre

Frito, Alli, and Chace react to a couple of Brits discovering and kind of making fun of Wal-Mart.

More women are saying they would become “Sugar Babies” than ever before. Some think it’s the economy. A Sugar Baby is someone who is in a relationship ONLY because the other person showers them in money/gifts. It’s different from a Gold Digger because the other person is aware of the situation too. We asked if anyone in the audience would consider being a Sugar Baby.

Frito found a “Bucket List for Men” and thought it was pretty lame. What about the ladies? What are some things EVERY WOMAN should do before she dies?

Alli’s Celebrity Buzz

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VIDEO: Kat Von D Getting a Tattoo of Jesse James Face PRE-BREAKUP

This is just…perfect!! NEVER get someone’s face tattooed on you until you’re AT LEAST married. Even then you should think LONG AND HARD about that decision. Kat Von D didn’t. This might be one of the greatest fails ever recorded on video.

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VIDEO: Is this song WORSE than “Friday”??

That’s what people are saying. It’s called Summertime buy The Lady Tigre. Best lyric by far is:

“Moonlight, moonlight, animals and insects. Moonlight moonlight, riverbeds, planets. Moonlight, moonlight, stay up, go to bed. Moonlight moonlight, kissing, hot sex.”

Check it out here:


VIDEO: Wal-Mart Amazes and Confuses The British

These two guys are in a band together that’s touring the states. They decided to take an American Adventure to the most American of locations…Wal-Mart. The result is both hilarious and terrifying. Adorable and enraging.

I’m usually the first one to pile on Wal-Mart, but seeing a couple of Brit’s do it? Not as cool. Watching this video felt slightly like watching someone pick on my younger brother. Also….let’s not be so quick to judge “ham and cheese loaf” gents, I’ve seen what passes for food across the pond.

USA. USA. USA. USA. – Frito

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