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VIDEO: Kat Von D Getting a Tattoo of Jesse James Face PRE-BREAKUP

This is just…perfect!! NEVER get someone’s face tattooed on you until you’re AT LEAST married. Even then you should think LONG AND HARD about that decision. Kat Von D didn’t. This might be one of the greatest fails ever recorded on video.

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VIDEO: Is this song WORSE than “Friday”??

That’s what people are saying. It’s called Summertime buy The Lady Tigre. Best lyric by far is:

“Moonlight, moonlight, animals and insects. Moonlight moonlight, riverbeds, planets. Moonlight, moonlight, stay up, go to bed. Moonlight moonlight, kissing, hot sex.”

Check it out here:


VIDEO: Wal-Mart Amazes and Confuses The British

These two guys are in a band together that’s touring the states. They decided to take an American Adventure to the most American of locations…Wal-Mart. The result is both hilarious and terrifying. Adorable and enraging.

I’m usually the first one to pile on Wal-Mart, but seeing a couple of Brit’s do it? Not as cool. Watching this video felt slightly like watching someone pick on my younger brother. Also….let’s not be so quick to judge “ham and cheese loaf” gents, I’ve seen what passes for food across the pond.

USA. USA. USA. USA. – Frito

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Best Of Morning Candy (July 26)

In honor of something I saw yesterday while driving around, we talked about what the worst job on the planet was. Turns out many of the listeners picked the exact job I was thinking about. Nasty.

Lots of people do dumb things when drunk. Buying a dog while tanked seems to be a problem in NYC recently. What’s the dumbest decision you’ve seen someone make while drunk?

Someone actually sat down and asked the question, “If Jesus went to Hogwarts…what house would he have been in?”

Video of this is a few posts/pages back. A pastor goes all Ricky Bobby on the pre-race prayer at a NASCAR Nationwide event over the weekend.

Alli’s Celebrity Buzz from today:

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Former Whole Foods employee quits with Epic Email

Apparently not everyone who works at the super-trendy Whole Foods is as happy as they appear.  In fact, one former employee of a store in Toronto just turned in his resignation with an epic 2,300+ word email detailing his every complaint with the chain.

He seems to think that the company did not exactly live up to proposed core values.  In the email he says,

“I was hired about five or six years ago. I appreciated and respected what the company said its philosophies were at that time.  However, it didn’t take long to realize what complete and utter bulls— they are.”

He also goes on to point out flaws of specific co-workers and managers and calls them out by name (though the names were redacted from the email.)  By the end he has some advice for his fellow Whole Foodees:

“You work at a grocery store. Go ahead and relax. Also, Whole Foods will try to make you feel like they are doing you a huge favor by employing you. Don’t fall for the guilt trips. Call in sick if you need to, etc. There are laws in place to stop them from taking advantage of you.”

Read the whole thing at

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