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Podcasts (July 13)

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Woman Cuts Off Husbands Penis, Throws It Down Garbage Disposal

Above is a picture of Katherine Becker. She was going through what we assume was a nasty divorce with her husband and hatched a plot. She drugged his dinner and once he passed out she tied him to a bed. Once he came to, she CUT OFF HIS PENIS. Then to make sure she got her point across she walked over to the sink, tossed it into the garbage disposal AND TURNED IT ON. So why did she do it? Her only quote, “he deserved it”.

If you want to read more here’s the full story from the LA Times: Woman cut off husbands penis

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Podcasts (July 12)

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The Sandwich VS The Intern

Here’s a pic of the sandwich Intern Zach just finished for a “Why Party Today?” video. Click for full size:

Ingredients include: Hot Dogs, Garlic, Horseradish, Blueberries, Mangos, Nectarines, Eggplant, Coffee Flavored Ice Cream.

Here’s the “Why Party Today” video that resulted:

Here’s the segment from today’s show:

Since it was referenced in the segment, here’s this week’s Epic Meal Time. For what it’s worth it looks WAY tastier than what Zach ate.

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PIC: Third Grade Frito

Thanks to listener Taylor (whose Mom used to babysit for Frito’s parents) for sending in this picture of a little Frito and his siblings! Click for full size:

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