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The Sandwich VS The Intern

Here’s a pic of the sandwich Intern Zach just finished for a “Why Party Today?” video. Click for full size:

Ingredients include: Hot Dogs, Garlic, Horseradish, Blueberries, Mangos, Nectarines, Eggplant, Coffee Flavored Ice Cream.

Here’s the “Why Party Today” video that resulted:

Here’s the segment from today’s show:

Since it was referenced in the segment, here’s this week’s Epic Meal Time. For what it’s worth it looks WAY tastier than what Zach ate.

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PIC: Third Grade Frito

Thanks to listener Taylor (whose Mom used to babysit for Frito’s parents) for sending in this picture of a little Frito and his siblings! Click for full size:

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VIDEO: Man Shoots Himself in Leg

WARNING: NSFW LANGUAGE. This is what happens when practicing your “quick draw” goes wrong.

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VIDEO: Medal of Honor Cat

I have no explanation for this. In less than two days online it’s collected over 2 MILLION VIEWS. TWO. MILLION. VIEWS. It combines two of the internet’s most popular vices, cats and first person shooters.

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VIDEO: The Fire That ENDED The Dallas Rihanna Concert

Heard about this on Friday, but this is the first video record of the fire that put a stop to the Rihanna show at American Airlines Center in Dallas. Looks a lot calmer than it was described by some of our listeners and friends. Check it out:


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