Stores Offering the Best and Worst Deals on Black Friday

The reason we shop on Black Friday is for deals.  Or because we have a fetish of getting punched in the face over a child’s toy.

By now, pretty much every store’s Black Friday ad has leaked.  So the website analyzed them and figured out the average discount that every store is offering.

The average discount is 37% off across all stores, which is down from 40.2% just three years ago.  But it’s just about the same as last year.

The department store chain Belk has the best average discount this year, at 68.9%.

The other stores with an average over 50% off are:  JCPenney . . . Stage . . . Kohl’s . . . New York & Company . . . and Payless.

The store with the worst discount is . . . True Value hardware stores, at just 16.3%.

The other stores with an average discount under 25% are:  Gander Outdoors . . . Ace Hardware . . . Sam’s Club . . . Big Lots . . . and Harbor Freight.