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PICS: 50 Cent rear-ended by a Mack truck and rushed to a hospital

Shot 9 times and now hit by a mack truck!

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Birdman Bets $5 Million on Super Bowl

we are the 1%

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Fiffy’s “Grave” Predictions

Here LIES 50 cent.

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50 Cent Fitness Book??

..I hope there are pictures.

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Celebs that are banned from foreign countries

Snoop Dogg- Banned from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Australia for his extensive criminal record. Paris Hilton- Banned from Japan for drug possession. Brad Pitt- Banned in China for his movie “7 Years In Tibet.” Akon- Banned from Sri Lanka because of the music video for his song “Sexy Chick.” Beyonce- Banned from Malaysia […]