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PICS: 15 Controversial Mag Covers

Gay Obama? Breastfeeding Mom? Demi Moore’s Naked Baby Bump? Yep, all in there. Find out what else made the list of top 15 controversial magazine covers from our friends at the Chive. Did they miss any?!

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Mark Wahlberg Would Have Pwned the 9/11 Terrorists

Come on, Come onnnn, Feel it, Feel it.

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Family Guy Takes on 9/11

Abortion. Gay Marriage. Serial Killing. Nothing is off limits for Seth McFarlane.. but should it be? Last night Family Guy took on perhaps the most sensitive subject in modern America: the attacks of September 11th, 2001. In the episode Stewie and Brian going back in time, at one point intervening to prevent the terrorist attacks […]

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Dumb Dad or Scared Sissy?!?!

A man visiting Connors Farm in Danvers, Massachusetts with his wife and two kids called 911 after the family got lost in the corn maze. Police arriving on the scene found the parents with their two children in just nine minutes. The owner of the farm, Bob Connors, said, “We had a few people who […]