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America’s Favorite Actor

…and pirate.

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Happy Gilmore’s Grandma died…

The actress who played Adam Sandler’s grandma in “Happy Gilmore” has died.   Frances Bay died this past Thursday at the age of 92.  A family member says she had been, quote, “ill with various infections.” You may also recognize her from a few other roles:  She played Fonzie’s Grandma Nussbaum on “Happy Days”.  She was […]

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Big celebs you didn’t know were in classic movies

Everyone has to start somewhere! Check out these screen shots of classic movies with today’s biggest stars! Adam Sandler In ‘The Cosby Show’ (source) Hugh Laurie In ‘Friends’ (source) Ryan Gosling In ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark’ (source) Stephen Colbert On ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ (source) Jessica Alba In ‘The Secret World Of […]

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Top Earners in Hollywood – 2011

“Vanity Fair” has put out a list of Hollywood’s Top 40 Earners for the past year.   The list was limited to creative types, like actors, directors and producers, basically.  And they only counted revenue from FILM work.  No TV money or endorsement revenues.   Here’s the Top 10: #1.)  James Cameron,  $257 million #2.)  Johnny Depp,  […]