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Alec Baldwin Leaving “30 Rock?”

Sounds like it. Thanks Twitter.

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Alec Baldwin is a Baby

I bet he doesn’t fasten his seatbelt securely either.


People’s Sexiest Man of 2011 is..

This guy. People Magazine’s 2011′s Sexiest Man Alive issue reveals that the super hunky Bradley Cooper takes the top spot this year, and for once I’m considering buying an issue of People. The 36-year-old’s first thought of taking the top honor? “My mother is going to be so happy.” Hot told People: “I think it’s […]

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Celebs with OCD

Lots of people have little quirks — things that bother them or tasks they need to complete.  Some of those quirks are so serious that they can be considered a sign of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.)  In Nancy Sinatra’s recent memoir, she talks about how Frank Sinatra took up to 12 showers a day.  Sounds […]