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Two Years Of Krash: Thank You

This weekend marks a huge benchmark for me.  It’s the two year marker of me Krashing your airwaves at Candy 95.  It’s pretty easy to say time has FLOWN.  I have learned so much and have taken time to learn you, the listener.  I came here starting on Sunday’s while finishing up school at Sam […]


Texas Talent!

I love love love to find new raw talent in the Houston or neighboring areas.  Hey it’s where I’m from!  These three artists/groups, I feel will only get bigger in the coming years and need your recognition!  Go out and see them play, or find their music it will be worth your time!   The […]


Wuuuut Up!!!?

Krashman here!  It’s time for my first posting of this nifty blog we got going up in here!  It’s 1:30 AM and I am TIRED.  So rather than ramble on about, my usual shenanigans I thought I’d post some of my favorite videos I’ve made over the past few weeks! Krash Breaks out and AUTHENTIC […]