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Antoine Dodson’s new look

I know, I know… you’re over Antoine Dodson…. BUT I’M NOT! And it’s my Birthday and I think this was his present to me… showing back up on the internet with this oh-so-fabulous new hairdo.

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Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wife and Hide Yo Bong?

Antoine Dodson, internet LEGEND, has finally let the fame get to his head.  Antoine was busted for marijuana in the early hours of Saturday in his hometown Huntsville Alabama.  He is already out on bail, and will probably have to face some minor consequences.  This is why I am often against giving people money for […]

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Antoine Dodson the underwear model?

Even though he seems to finally be fading, at least a little bit, into the sunset, Antoine Dodson still fascinates me. He’s a constant Twitpic’er, and lucky for his followers, he tweets pictures like this: He just makes me giggle! He’s freakin’ precious but hella goofy. You can’t even think that’s gross. Plus- Look at […]

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More Bed Intruder!?

He has officially gone PRO! Antoine Dodson AKA, “Hide yo kids hide yo wife,” guy is about to get the opportunity of a lifetime.  Antoine has been signed on to be an executive producer of an unnamed reality show produced by Entertainment One.  I mean this is something I’ve been spending thousands of dollars at college […]