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App that lets you rate guys!? #badapp

Sorry dudes, very sorry. :( -Jeremy

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Looking For a Clean Restroom? There’s an App For That!

Have you ever been walking around town holding the urge to go to the bathroom for hours?  You are probably afraid of the cleanliness of a public restroom right?  Don’t fear there’s an app that will allow you to connect with friends and find clean toilets!  If that isn’t enough you can event rent your […]

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Let an App wish your friends Happy Birthday

Is this the most pathetic thing you’ve ever heard…or is it just a sign of the times?  The Google Chrome web browser has released an app that will automaticially wish your friends a Happy Birthday on their Facebook page!  So now instead of writing “Happy Birthday” on someone’s wall everytime you notice the reminder on the […]

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For everyone who’s sick of Charlie Sheen…

… There’s an app for that! Frito is probably going to give me a bunch of [fill in the blank] for this because he’s probably so in love with Charlie Sheen and his #winning that he could go elope the man tomorrow… but I’m sick of it all. Am I the only one that thought […]

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Fave new app: Color Splash

I don’t have a smartphone, but I do have an iPod Touch, and I’m a little obsessed with downloading random apps. The other night I struck gold with “Color Splash.” It’s only 99 cents, and it lets me turn any picture completely black and white, but add color where I want. I got this assortment […]