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PICS: Arnold Schwarzenneger is a BIKER Now.. or Something

Sweet turquoise.

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2011’s All Divorce Teams

2011 was a notable year for celebrity divorces.  It’s Team Men Vs Team Women, who got the better end of the stick? Women: Scarlett Johansson Olivia Wilde Katy Perry Demi Moore Jennifer Lopez Men: Arnold Schwarzenegger Ryan Reynolds Ashton Kutcher Russell Brand George Lopez These are just a FEW of the divorcees.  The list really […]

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Expendables 2: Trailer



Photo: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Bronze Statue

Arnold Schwarzenegger has commissioned three, 8-foot-tall bronze statues of himself.  The statues will go to…. 1) The Schwarzenegger museum in his childhood home ofThal,Austria.  2) Columbus,Ohio, where the annual Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition takes place 3) Arnold’s home Am I wrong, or is this a really awkward thing to just have hanging around on your front lawn??? […]

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Meet Arnold’s love child!

After way too many blurred-face pictures, we can finally get a good look at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child, Joseph, and his mom Mildred! They’re speaking out to Hello! Magazine: When his grandmother sat him down one year ago to explain that Arnold Schwarzenegger was his father, he exclaimed: “Cool!”. And his mother said the young boy […]