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Mariah and Nick announce the names of their twins!

Mariah and Nick have been trying to drop hints and teases on their babies’ names all week, but now they’ve finally told the world the news! After insisting that they wouldn’t pick “weird celebrity names,” we’re not sure if they accomplished that. Monroe is the girl’s name, after Marilyn, and Moroccan is named after a […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Baby laughs hysterically at dog

Just another baby laughing hysterically at something so simple… I challenge you not to laugh. [youtube]gnagemulucw[/youtube]

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Twin babies arguing about Teen Mom

Earlier today I found one of my favorite videos of the month… Twin boys having their own conversation, in their own little twin baby language. What the H were they talking about?! No one has a clue… Until now. [youtube]ahKuUABD_6I[/youtube] [PS: I TOTALLY made this video! Shhhh! ;)]

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VOD #2- Mini Justin Biebers are to die for

When I was 3 years old, I’m pretty sure I spoke gibberish. I’d have to ask my mom if that’s true, but I doubt I could sing a song that I knew most of the words to. These little kids can. [youtube]ixCV2TVOlOI[/youtube] This one even has the moves!! [youtube]WS22aVvKf6U[/youtube]