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Megan Fox Stops Her ET Interview

“Do you know the ultimate gadget that every man wants? A baby.”

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Video: Incredible Justin Bieber “Baby” Wedding Dance!

We’ve seen a lot of wedding dances throughout the years.  This may the most awesome one of all.  Brian, recently married, decided to surprise his wife with a choreographed dance to Justin Bieber‘s “Baby”.  Brian along with his groomsmen performed acrobats, vocals, rapping, break dancing, and more.  This is a must see! -Krash

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VOD: Brad Pitt & Julia Roberts

Video of the Day: What do Brad Pitt & Julia Roberts have in common??? Checkout this dog who’s terrified of JR and this baby who’s in love with BP: [youtube]RtT9X4eT_Ss[/youtube] I’m not sure what’s more entertaining in this one, the dog or the owners…enjoy! [youtube]aL6GgbafGTY[/youtube]

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Guess Who’s Prego!!!!!!!!

After weeks of speculation the rumors have been verified…Jessica Simpson did the dirty before marriage. The former, possibly attempting to revive her career, singer and legs of the Dukes of Hazzard remake, still plans to wed fiance Eric Johnson in November with more baby details to come later.  

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BSpears Needs a Thesaurus

I feel pretty confident in saying that Britney Spears would be terrible at words with friends… as the only two she seems to know are “Crazy” and “Baby.” And, if you think I’m exaggerating, some genius made a video of all the times anyone, ever, has said the words “crazy” and “baby” in a Britney Spears song […]