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Hot Babes We Should Know About #2

I started this little game up a few months ago and didn’t continue it.  SHAME ON ME.  Fortunately it’s time to play again.  Basically I find girls who aren’t your multi platinum hotties, but diamonds in the rough.  I’ll find two girls of marginal fame and let you vote who is hotter each week.  The […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Is David Good the next Bachelor? [The TRUTH!]

I said I was going to have David Good from The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad on my show regularly, and I wasn’t lying! If you missed what I aired on the show, or want to hear even more, check out the podcasts!! I’ve been hearing rumors about him being the next Bachelor, and he didn’t […]

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My interview with Dave Good from the Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad!

Dave Good won the Bachelor Pad and was a contestant vying for Jillian on the Bachelorette… now he wrote a book for the ladies that explains how to get our dream guy in our lives and how to keep him there. It’s also a book for the guys telling them how to become the ultimate […]