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Video: Grandpa Opens Up Beer With Chainsaw

This is pretty dang impressive.  Forget using your shirt to open a beer bottle.  Bottle openers?  Waste of money.  This guy just needs a chainsaw. -Krash

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  Beer can fix everything. There’s no game this weekend so if you’re working on an important paper this weekend and your wifi goes out.. don’t run to the library or call and yell at your internet provider.. just try this simple trick that’s been shown to increase signal strength by at least 2 – 4 bars.. we can all drink […]

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Chick Beer: Would you drink it???

Someone came up with the idea of a beer designed just for women.  Is this cute? great idea? offensive? Degrading? Women — would you drink it? Guys — would you…?

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Demi Lovato Goes On Underage Beer Run

Demi Lovato (19 years old) was spotted at a grocery store on a beer run with a male counterpart. This guy is known as the over 21 SUCKER.  While I in no shape or form support underage drinking that is not what bothers me.  I am more bothered that they are partaking in LIGHT beer.  […]

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Urinal Cake Candles. They’re real.

Shel Winkley mentioned this on yesterday’s show. I decided to look for it when I got in because NO PART OF ME THOUGHT THIS WAS REAL. Here’s a description from the companys website (HOTWICK CANDLES) Bring the industrial chemical freshness of a public restroom right to your home. We’re often asked if THE URINAL CAKE […]