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ViDEO: Lady Gaga Acting as Justin Bieber?!

“Edge of Purging”?

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Madonna Claims Gaga Ripped Her Off

This debate has been going on for almost a year now, however Madonna finally spoke!  Lady Gaga’s hit, “Born This Way” has been compared to Madonna‘s “Express Yourself” by a lot of critics.  Madonna remained quiet on the topic for months, but she finally let off some steam.  She was quoted in Newsweek stating, “I […]

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VIDEOS: Times Square New Years Eve Performances!

Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Carlos Santana, and Pitbull all took the stage last night in Times Square.

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Video: Gaga on Oprah

Lady Gaga did a killer performance on yesterday’s Oprah atop a giant high heel!  Her arms and lefs flail wildly as she plays piano.  How can she even keep track of what keys she’s hitting???  The world may never know.  Here’s the full performance medley of “Born This Way” and “You and I.” [youtube]Wiatp6m_Sgo&feature=player_embedded#at=218[/youtube]


Weird Al takes on Lady Gaga

I was unaware that Weird Al Yankovic was still around, relevant, or making good material, but he totally wins with this new song! Check out his take on “Born This Way”… AKA “Perform This Way”… that makes fun of the GaGa. [youtube]fUxXKfQkswE[/youtube] I mean… he NAILED IT. It’s no wonder she apparently didn’t approve it […]