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Brad Pitt is a Doughnut

But what KIND of doughnut? And who spells it doughnut?! It’s donut ya hippies.

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VOD: Brad Pitt & Julia Roberts

Video of the Day: What do Brad Pitt & Julia Roberts have in common??? Checkout this dog who’s terrified of JR and this baby who’s in love with BP: [youtube]RtT9X4eT_Ss[/youtube] I’m not sure what’s more entertaining in this one, the dog or the owners…enjoy! [youtube]aL6GgbafGTY[/youtube]

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Adam’s Book Club: World War Z

If Oprah can do it, so can I, and I don’t think any of our book selections will overlap. (maybe some of these authors might start bribing me to be in my book club too!)  

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Celebs that are banned from foreign countries

Snoop Dogg- Banned from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Australia for his extensive criminal record. Paris Hilton- Banned from Japan for drug possession. Brad Pitt- Banned in China for his movie “7 Years In Tibet.” Akon- Banned from Sri Lanka because of the music video for his song “Sexy Chick.” Beyonce- Banned from Malaysia […]