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Oscar Nominations: 2013

..the results are in

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‘Hangover Part III’ Set For 2013!

The Wolf Pack is coming back in one year!  But where are they headed this time?


Why Bradley Cooper and Not Ryan Gosling Deserves Sexiest Man of 2011: An Objective Analysis

Apparently people are prettty angry about the People issue hitting the stands today that gave the title of Sexiest Man of 2011 to Bradley Cooper. They have even foolishly decided to organize a protest, “Occupy People Magazine,” in order to rectify what they see as some grave injustice. This is bologna. I’m sick and tired […]


People’s Sexiest Man of 2011 is..

This guy. People Magazine’s 2011′s Sexiest Man Alive issue reveals that the super hunky Bradley Cooper takes the top spot this year, and for once I’m considering buying an issue of People. The 36-year-old’s first thought of taking the top honor? “My mother is going to be so happy.” Hot told People: “I think it’s […]

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JLo’s Famous New Boy Toy!?

Jennifer Lopez is back at breaking hearts.. I mean dating again!  As usual the 42 year old singer/actress picks only the biggest names.  Who was she spotted with this past weekend!? None other than Hangover superstar Bradley Cooper.  The rumors say it was just the two of them, and it was at a romantic setting […]