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America’s Favorite Celebs

America has spoken. According to a new Reuters poll, here are the most trusted celebs.   Betty White Denzel Washington Sandra Bullock Clint Eastwood Tom Hanks Harrison Ford  Morgan Freeman Kate Middleton Will Smith Johnny Depp Not faring so well in public opinion: Paris Hilton Charlie Sheen Britney Spears Kanye West Arnold Schwarzenegger Tiger Woods […]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Amazing cover of Britney’s “Toxic”

This. is. amazing. That’s all that needs to be said.


Selena Gomez pays tribute to Britney Spears during concert

During one of her recent shows, Selena Gomez put on a Britney-esque outfit and paid tribute to the pop princess by doing a medley of her biggest songs. She even did the matching dances! It’s a little awkward, right? She has the dancing ability of “new Britney,” if not worse, but is trying to do […]

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Britney-Bieber-Gaga Giving To Great Cause

The three superstars are raising money for a great cause and they are asking for your help!  On July 3rd a family of five was traveling through Houston when they encountered a fatal accident.  The Berry family of five, lost their mom and dad in the accident.  Their three kids survived while two of them […]

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Britteny Spears Entices Kenny Britt

Britteny Spears got a little up close and personal with a WR from my favorite NFL Team ( Kenny Britt of the Tennessee Titans) during a concert in New Jersey. Kenny is handcuffed which is ironic given his long rap sheet. Pics follow below!     -Lane