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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 5

Episode 5: “We Hate Our Tribe” Episode five may have been the most predictable episode of the season so I won’t spend too much time analyzing it.  However, there is always something to be brought to the table in my strategy blog Picking Away At the beginning of the show we were treated to another […]

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Iron Mike In Sheen’s Corner?

Iron Mike Tyson decided to offer his input recently on the whole Charlie Sheen debacle, on Access Hollywood Live.  Mike says he wants to get in on that drug, “Charlie Sheen.”  He also exclaims that Sheen has, “emotional problems.”  I hope for the sake of survival those too never get together!  Oh be sure to […]

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Krashing Down Survivor: Episode 4

Episode 4: “Don’t You Work for Me?” Episode four was a huge episode in the scheme of this season of Survivor for a few reasons.  Zapatera had just thrown a challenge to boot of Russell Hantz, and desperately needed to win the next one to regain momentum.  Meanwhile the legendary Russell was on pens and […]

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Spring Break PANIC BUTTON!

So the break has begun and you have NOTHING TO DO!  Here is my list of the top five places you could do within a day or two, and still have a good time. I must also mention while keeping your wallet semi full. 5.  Galveston, Tx Pros: Beach, good eats, most affordable! Cons: The […]

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Keeper Or Creeper.. Getting The Family Involved!

In our closest challenge yet, I asked would you keep your boy toy if you found out he locked tongues with your sis a few months prior!  I won’t spoil who wins, but let me just say it was historic!  Here’s a compilation video of some of our callers in the bits. [youtube]Pcq1ddSZ7l4[/youtube]