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Celeb Relationships are Fake!

In reference to the latest Katy Perry/John Mayer date sighting, Listener Andrew sent me email with his open letter on famous people’s relationships with other famous people. I believe there is some truth to it. I have a theory: no celebrity relationships are actually real. All relationships are orchestrated by talent agents and lawyers according to the […]

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!!! Mick Jagger Has Slept WITH HOW MANY WOMEN???

..guess he’d have to have some moves?

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Britteny Spears Entices Kenny Britt

Britteny Spears got a little up close and personal with a WR from my favorite NFL Team ( Kenny Britt of the Tennessee Titans) during a concert in New Jersey. Kenny is handcuffed which is ironic given his long rap sheet. Pics follow below!     -Lane

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Celebrity Scramble Face!

I was consumed by this for at least a half hour. Some are obvious and some are hard. Way to go TMZ!