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Charlie Sheen’s Replacement is….

Ashton Kutcher!. At least it looks that way. Hollywood Reporter says the deal is all but done, and he tweeted an obvious hint last night. This will be his second sitcom roll.  So…good choice or bad choice?

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Charlie Sheen #LOSING

Charlie learned last night that stand-up comedy is not something one just acquires.  The man who thinks he is invincible finally caught a reality check in Detroit.  4,500 fans booed him clean off the stage in his debut comedy show at the Fox Theater.  Sheen has 20 more tour dates. Is it safe to say […]

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A Winning MASHEEEN!!!

Okay I like this game, easy way to kill some time on a Friday: Here’s the Description: Charlie Sheen always WINS! Turds, trolls, clowns and fools are no match for a hero with tiger blood on a mercury surfboard. Ready to live in Sheen’s world? Then you better be ready to WIN! Turn up the volume […]


Not Winning

Good Morning! Here’s a pic of a tattoo a Charlie Sheen fan branded himself with over the weekend.

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Iron Mike In Sheen’s Corner?

Iron Mike Tyson decided to offer his input recently on the whole Charlie Sheen debacle, on Access Hollywood Live.  Mike says he wants to get in on that drug, “Charlie Sheen.”  He also exclaims that Sheen has, “emotional problems.”  I hope for the sake of survival those too never get together!  Oh be sure to […]