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Chilifest Artist of the Day: Randy Rogers Band

The Randy Rogers Band has done just about everything there is to do in country music. They’ve played big time shows with some of the biggest names in the industry. Been nominated for major awards. Done a live CD at the legendary Billy Bob’s Texas. Not to mention gain respect from fans and other musicians […]

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Chilifest Artist of the Day: Turnpike Troubadours

Since the breakup of Cross Canadian Ragweed a few years ago, many people asked what band was going to be the next one to really step up and take their spot. For a while, there was no one that seemed like they could grab hold of that place and hold on to it. Then the […]

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Chilifest Artist of the Day: Cody Johnson Band

Alright folks, it’s the week of Chilifest! Each day this week, I’ll be highlighting a different artist for Saturday’s Chilifest 2014 lineup, along with a little info about them on why you have to make SURE you’re there for the show! Today, it’s none other than stars on the rise, the Cody Johnson Band! Cody’s […]

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Chilifest Spotlight: William Clark Green

  I know that Will is on the Friday night show which is exclusive to chili teams, but I couldn’t do all of these Spotlights and not throw him some love. Will is the guy to be on the lookout for in the world of Texas/Red Dirt music. His 2013 CD┬áRose Queen was my absolute […]

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Chilifest 2014 Spotlight: Roger Creager

I’m sure that Fightin’ Texas Aggie Roger Creager has his fair share of great Chilifest stories. He’s played it a few times and spending his college years in College Station, no doubt he went to a few of those early ones. My first real memory of Roger Creager goes back to October 16, 2003. Yes, […]