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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Joey Fatone in fireworks commercial

Oh dear. As the Backstreet Boys are making a comeback and touring around the country, the guys of NSYNC are leading lower-than-D-list lives thanks to Justin not wanting to reunite. Poor Joey Fatone is stuck doing commercials like this one just to get back on someone’s radar. Anyone’s. [youtube]bu6dqBxkAnU[/youtube]

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Epic local commercial “will leave you shocked”

This is a commercial for some lawn and garden shop, probably in some small town in the middle of nowhere.. or so I hope.. and it’ll leave you SHOCKED. [Wait for it....] [youtube]6VL1n7159VQ[/youtube] I mean… I get that when someone’s naked, it’ll grab everyone’s attention. And yes, my attention was grabbed… but like… EW?! IS […]