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Lady Gaga to perform at the VMA’s!

One by one, MTV is announcing the performers at this year’s Video Music Awards, and this morning we got another name! Lady Gaga will be taking the stage again for what is bound to be another memorable and mind blowing performance. Despite releasing her “You and I” video two days earlier than MTV planned and […]

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VIDEO: Kanye West falls down hard on stage

We always thought Kanye could do no wrong… especially when it came to performing. (Okay… there’s some sarcasm in that statement….) But he did! Last week, he randomly stumbled and fell to the ground while on stage! What the heck made him fall?! Who knows… but at least he got back up and tried again….

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VIDEO: Rebecca Black performs on “America’s Got Talent”

This seems like a bit of an oxymoron to me. Rebecca Black performing on “America’s Got Talent??” Does she have talent? Well, you be the judge. Here’s her mash-up of her two biggest songs..

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VIDEO: Will Smith takes the stage with Nas!

It started as just an introduction in his hometown of Philadelphia, but later Will Smith appeared on stage in a wife beater, looking just like the Fresh Prince we knew decades ago. “The King of Philly” introduced Nas and Damian Marley at the beginning of the show, and returned later to perform and hype up […]


Selena Gomez pays tribute to Britney Spears during concert

During one of her recent shows, Selena Gomez put on a Britney-esque outfit and paid tribute to the pop princess by doing a medley of her biggest songs. She even did the matching dances! It’s a little awkward, right? She has the dancing ability of “new Britney,” if not worse, but is trying to do […]