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Shaq and girlfriend Hoopz look ridiculous together

I knew these two were dating [she's from Flavor of Love, remember?], but I had never seen a picture of them that looked this ridiculous. Just… wow. She literally looks mini! I get that Shaq is a biggg duuudeee, and they probably [maybe?] love each other for who they are and not how they look […]

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Wiz Khalifa and girlfriend Amber Rose get matching tats

Looks like things are getting beyond serious with Wiz Khalifa (whose real name is Cameron Thomaz) and girlfriend Amber Rose (who used to be tied to Kanye West). They have matching tattoos of each other’s names now! Would you do this? What do you think about getting your significant other’s name on you permanently?

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NBA Power Couples

In honor of Kris Humphries becoming engaged to Kim Kardashian, here are a few of the power couples of the NBA    Lamar Odom (LA Lakers) and Khloe Kardashian   Amare Stoudemire (NY Knicks) andCiara   Daniel Gibson (Cleveland Cavaliers) and Keyshia Cole   Carmelo Anthony (NY Knicks) and LaLa Vasquez   Shannon Brown (LA Lakers) and […]

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Pia Toscano gets a record deal!

Last week, everyone gasped when Pia was voted off of American Idol, but remember: sometimes it’s for the best! Since being voted off less than four days ago, the girl seems to be anything but upset about the opportunities she’s been given. The biggest news: She has signed a record deal with Interscope Records! Apparently […]