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Skrillex & Disney To Join Forces!?

The master of dubstep known as Skrillex will be joining forces with Disney!  He is slotted tol be recording some tunes for the upcoming film Wreck-It Ralph.  The film is based on old school video games such as Mario and Pac-Man.  My theory that dubstep is taking over the world continues to be proven.  It’s […]

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PICS: First Look – Angelina Jolie as MALEFICENT!

Are you pumped?!


PICS: Goth Day at Disneyland

Sometimes you just run across some photos that are too good to keep to yourself. Here’s what happens when hundreds of goths get together and rape the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Best comment on that page? “There’s not enough black cloth in the continental US to make that group look slim.” But on the real, […]

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Disney Flash Mob Proposal-TOO SWEET!!!!!

I’ve never seen a flash mob used in such a good way!!!! This dude was money…TAKE NOTE BOYS: GREAT WAY TO PROPOSE RIGHT HERE: [youtube]Su1YLAjty-U[/youtube]


Don’t You Love Cute Kid Videos?!?!

Who doesn’t love the cute kid videos on YouTube?!?! Here’s 2 of the cutest I found recently…prepare yourself on the Disney one…you might want a box of Kleenex nearby. [youtube]ZbV5hn_ET0U[/youtube] [youtube]OOpOhlGiRTM[/youtube]